The Nature of Human Nature

Volume 6
Summer 1978
The Nature of Human Nature

Controversial opinions about human nature perpetuate man'€™s interest in what he really is. The present article develops a biblical model of human nature for a science of man. The essence of human nature is the Imago Dei which is spirit that consists of affective, cognitive, and moral domains. The model describes each domain, shows the effects of man'€™s sin on each, and explains the results of the birth and baptism in the Spirit on each domain. The model also describes how the Holy Spirit, by means of an inner impression, assures the believer'€™s conscience that his sins are forgiven, confirms to his mind that he is adopted into God'€™s family, and ignites his emotions with love, joy, and peace. A Christian who emphasizes one domain of spirit to the neglect of the other domain violates Christ'€™s perfect pattern of growth and becomes maladjusted.

Dr. F.R. Johnson
189 - 199
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