Models for Effective Innercity Ministry

Volume 6
Fall 1978
Models for Effective Innercity Ministry

This article looks at Christian professionals in mental health in the context of the inner city. Many have contracted out of the inner city, forgetting the lower class, deprived, and undeserved clientele, and preferring to serve the middle class. Jesus Christ taught on involvement with "€œall peoples."€ Five models for involvement with inner city clientele have been considered: 1) Community work -€“ inner city clientele do not frequently respond to the conventional modes of treatment. Community work and crisis intervention seems more relevant. 2) Private practice in the inner city -€“ Christians should consider a practice based on financial principles of many not-for-profit religious organizations. 3) Church based mental health programs -€“ inner city churches can take an active role to meet mental health needs by providing financial assistance and space for clinics in the community. 4) Christians of minority status in mental health - €“biculturality is important and essential to bridge existing barriers between mental health clinics and the target minority clientele. 5) Christians in secular agencies -€“ the name of Christ must be exposed in the services that we deliver.

L. Villarreal
298 - 304
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