Counseling and the Clergy: Perceptions of Roles

Volume 7
Spring 1979
Counseling and the Clergy: Perceptions of Roles

Two separate studies were undertaken simultaneously, in an effort to clarify the nature of the perceptions which clergy have regarding their counseling roles. In the first study a pastoral counseling survey (PCS) was developed to assess the actual role perceptions held by clergy. The PCS was shown to be a reliable and effective instrument for measuring role perceptions. The second study tested the hypothesis, suggested in the literature on counseling and pastoral counseling that the clergy'€™s role perceptions might be related directly to two variables: theological position (liberal-conservative) and counseling training. The PCS was administered to clergy representing liberal and conservative denominations in a four-state area of the Midwest. Both variables were upheld statistically. Liberal and conservative, and more and less trained clergy held different counseling role perceptions.

S.A. Clark and Dr. A.H. Thomas
48 - 56
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