Volume 8

Volume 8
  1. cover Winter 1980 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Christian Counseling with Homosexuals
    2. Assertive Behavior in a New Testament Perspective
    3. An Integration of Science and Theology in a Piagetian Epistemology
    4. Toward the Development of Christian Psychology: Emotion
    5. The Effect of Religious Orthodoxy: A Statistical Analogy
    6. A Personality Comparison of Evangelical Seminarians, Catholic Nuns, and University Graduates in a Colombian Setting
    7. Toward a Christian Perspective of Developmental Disability
    8. A Reply to Koteskey, Larzelere, and Farnsworth
  2. cover Fall 1980 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. A Critique of Ruth Carter Stapleton's Ministry of "Inner Healing"
    2. Response to Jim M. Alsdurf and H. Newton Malony's Critique of Ruth Carter Stapleton's Ministry of Inner Healing€
    3. A Response to Alsdurf and Malony
    4. Stapleton: A Study in Psychotheological Naivete
    5. Reaction to a Critique of Ruth Carter Stapleton's Ministry of Inner Healing
    6. Response by the Authors to the Several Reactions to a Critique of Ruth Carter Stapleton
    7. Social Modeling: A Psychological-Theological Perspective
    8. Back to the Basics: A Broad Conceptual Model for the Integration of Psychology and Theology
    9. Assumptions and Parameters for Developing Christian Psychological Systems
    10. Reaction: Theory or Data?
    11. Response to Farnsworth and to Koteskey
  3. cover Summer 1980 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Psychological Separation-Individuation and Spiritual Reunion
    2. A Comparison of the Cognitive Restructuring Psychotherapy Paradigm and Several Spiritual Approaches to Mental Health
    3. Christian Psychotherapy and the Culture of Professionalism
    4. Theology Recapitulates Ontogeny: Reality Testing as an Analogy in Relating to God
    5. Religious Group Value Patterns and Motive Oorientations
    6. The Facilitativeness of Parish Ministers: A Descriptive Study
    7. Pastoral Counseling as Sacramental Act
  4. cover Spring 1980 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Task Ahead: Six Levels of Integration of Christianity and Psychology
    2. An Integrative Approach to Psychological and Christian Thought Based on a Christian World View
    3. The Search for Truth in the Task of Integration
    4. Approaching the Integration of the Social Sciences and Biblical Theology
    5. Towards a Biblical Model of Counseling
    6. The Denial of Death: Foundations for an Integration of Psychological and Theological Views of Personality
    7. Reflections on the Task of Integration
    8. Integrating Psychology and Theology: Some Reflections on the State of the Art