The Search for Truth in the Task of Integration

Volume 8
Spring 1980
The Search for Truth in the Task of Integration

The task of integrating psychology and Christian theology can be spoken of as the search for truth concerning the nature of mankind and our existence. God is the source of all truth, and truth is revealed to us through both general and special revelation. The crucial issue is whether or not mankind can fully know and understand this truth. The model for integration proposed by Collins is an example of a system which assumes that we can fully and accurately discover and interpret truth. This assumption leads Collins to imply that one true model for integration may exist as well as one true set of therapeutic assumptions, techniques, and goals. Careful examination of biblical data, as well as recognition of numerous conflicting theories about the truth, may lead one to conclude that we cannot fully discover and understand truth with total accuracy. The implications of this fact for the task of integration are considered in detail.

Dr. J.D. Guy
27 - 32
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