A Critique of Ruth Carter Stapleton's Ministry of "Inner Healing"

Volume 8
Fall 1980
A Critique of Ruth Carter Stapleton's Ministry of "Inner Healing"

An examination of the major components of Ruth Carter Stapeleton's system of "inner healing"€ reveals that childhood experiences contribute greatly to her understanding of the origins of emotional imbalance within an individual. These experiences in turn become the foundation for Mrs. Stapelton's healing ministry, despite her inability to recognize their impact. We conclude that only when Mrs. Stapelton clearly resolves the significance of these events for herself will she be able to develop a balanced understanding and methodology of healing. Further, Mrs. Stapelton's failure to provide a thorough theological basis for her healing ministry creates important exegetical problems which tend to distort the interplay between the biblical message of healing and her own statements of healing. Finally, the strong reliance which Mrs. Stapelton unwittingly places upon psycho-dynamic principles causes her to look for certain relationships, problems, and explanations for psychological and spiritual imbalance. The result is an obtuse and naive approach to healing.

Dr. J.M. Alsdurf and Dr. H.N. Malony
173 - 184
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