Christian Counseling with Homosexuals

Volume 8
Winter 1980
Christian Counseling with Homosexuals

This article presents a theological rationale and a therapeutic method for helping homosexuals change orientation through Christian counseling. Homosexuality is no longer seen as a psychological dysfunction by many professionals nor by emerging social standards. While research has not isolated the etiology of sexual preference, it seems clears that the pattern of sexual arousal is not a matter of personal choice. Theologically, homosexuality as other sins is an expression of the corruption of the fall and another example of our need for redemption. Christian counseling to change homosexual behavior begins by helping the client accept God'€™s love for him or her as a homosexual. As the client accepts God'€™s love, the way is opened for change. Trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, the client is freed from resentments, desensitized to heterosexual aversions, and systematically helped to develop a heterosexual life-style using cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual methods.

Dr. S.R. Strong
279 - 287
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