Volume 9

Volume 9
  1. cover Winter 1981 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Imago Dei as Foundational to Psychotherapy: Integration Versus Segregation
    2. Biblical Authority and Christian Psychology
    3. The Authority of Scripture and the Unity of Revelation: A Response to Crabb
    4. Biblical Authority and Christian Psychology II
    5. Religious Experiencing: A Phenomenological Analysis of a Unique Behavioral Event
    6. The Shepherd Scale: Separating the Sheep from the Goats
    7. An Analysis of Correlates of Perceived Positive and Negative Prayer Outcomes
    8. A Course in Religious Community and its Effects on Self-Concept
  2. cover Fall 1981 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Imago Dei, Creation as Election: Foundations for Psychotherapy
    2. Jung and Assagioli in Religious Perspective
    3. Treatment of Spiritual Doubt Among Obsessing Evangelicals
    4. Burn-Out and the Pastorate: A Critical Review with Implications for Pastors
    5. The Decision by Assemblies of God Pastors to Counsel or Refer
    6. The Counseling Function of Pastors: A Study of Practice and Preparation
    7. The Growing Emphasis on Training Pastor-Counselors in Protestant Seminaries
  3. cover Summer 1981 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. The Call of Abram: A Systems Theory Analysis
    2. A Systems View of Jesus as Change Agent
    3. The Apostle Paul: Problem Formation and Problem Resolution from a Systems Perspective
    4. Judgment and Decision Models within the Christian Presuppositional System
    5. Moral Development and the Forgiveness of Sin
    6. Values Differentiation as Stage Transition: An Expansion of Kohlbergian Moral Stages
    7. Cognitive Styles and Word Versus Spirit Orientations Among Christians
    8. In Defense of the Miraculous: A Clarification
    9. Conversion and the Miraculous: A Second Reply to Price
  4. cover Spring 1981 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Paradox, Parables, and Change: One Approach to Christian Hypnotherapy
    2. Myth and Its Denial in a Secular Age: The Case of Behaviorist Psychology
    3. On the Possibility of Integration: Response to McKeown's Characterization of Behaviorist Psychology as Myth
    4. The Centrality and Scope of Conversion
    5. Death as a Cure: An Evaluation of Price's "The Centrality and Scope of Conversion"
    6. Social Psychological Aspects of the Judeo-Christian Stance Toward Homosexuality
    7. Developmental and Ethical Issues in Homosexuality: Pastoral Implications
    8. Training Christian People Helpers: Observations on Counselor Education