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  1. Between Text and Context: Practical Theology and Ministry of Equipping

    Fall 2017, Equipping Church Members for Ministry — Pages 391-404

    Equipping the saints for ministry is a primary work of the local church. However, the task of constructing equipping ministries requires theological and contextual reflection. This article argues that as theological educators, we must teach our students to exercise practical theological methods in order to develop an effective ministry of equipping. The article will first explore the underpinnings of practical theology, culminating in a closer look at the model posited by Richard Osmer. Engaging Osmer’s model, the article will engage a case study to show how practical theology aids the congregational leader in formulating theologically faithful and contextually relevant equipping ministries.

    Key Words: practical theology; equipping; church ministry; case study

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  2. Catechesis, Developmental Theory, and a Fresh Vision for Christian Education

    Spring 2014, Small Group Ministries — Pages 8-23

    The use of developmental theory in Christian education, though invaluable, has led to several insufficiencies in practice, namely intergenerational fragmentation, a diverted focus from scriptural engagement, and the tendency to box people in according to their developmental capacity. We propose that the church’s historic method of educating believers, catechesis, is a preferable educational framework that re-centers Christian education around the historic faith, brings generations together, renews focus on Scripture, and rigorously challenges believers to continuously grow in their faith.

    Keywords: catechesis, Christian education, human development, educational theory, theological education, social science, interdisciplinary studies.

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  3. The Christian Story and Our Stories: Narrative Pedagogy in Congregational Life

    Fall 2013, Transformational Teaching and Learning — Pages 432-443

    Story has been shown in Christian education scholarship to be an effective pedagogical tool. However, story has become even more vital to Christian education in the postmodern world. This article explores how narrative pedagogy, a pedagogical approach that seeks to transform personal narratives with the narrative of the Christian faith, can prove to be an effective pedagogical approach that forms identities, strengthens communities, and transforms congregations. The article will also examine practical ways teachers can use narrative pedagogy in the church’s educational ministries and encourage scholars and practitioners to explore the possibilities of narrative pedagogy in Christian education.

    Key Words: narrative pedagogy, postmodernism, Christian education, story, congregational studies

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  4. Resources for Transfiguring Transformational Teaching

    Fall 2013, Transformational Teaching and Learning — Pages 444-447

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