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  1. Is a Christian Identity Compatible with an Ethnic Identity? An Exploration of Ethnic Identity Negotiations Influences and Implications for Multiethnic Congregations

    Spring 2014, Small Group Ministries — Pages 33-51

    The ethnic landscape of the United States is changing dramatically. This increased heterogeneity is prompting churches to wrestle with issues of diversity, giving rise to multiethnic churches. This article explores ethnic identity negotiation among migrants to the United States and its relevancy for multiethnic churches. The specific influences that encourage or discourage ethnic identity are described. In understanding these influences, multiethnic churches will better be able to encourage ethnic identity in a diverse community.Ministry implications and educational considerations for multiethnic churches are provided as starting points for congregational engagement and discipleship with individuals of different ethnicities.

    KeyWords: Multiethnic, Identity, Ethnic, Congregation, Immigrants, Curriculum, Christian

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  2. Nurturing Spiritual Identity Formation in Youth Curriculum From the Theological-Psychological Approach of James Loder

    Fall 2010, Spiritual Formation and Christian Education — Pages 319-333

    Adolescent identity formation involves not simply preparing a young person for the future or equipping them, him or her to cope with the problems of today, but it also requires a personal integrated spiritual formation. This article examines the predominant educational philosophies undergirding youth discipleship and their deficiencies, as well as challenges educators to embrace teaching approaches that focus on identity formation. James Loder's theological-psychological approach to development, specifically his five axes of adolescent identity formation involving space/time, values, authority, love, and worth, is explored. These principles are then expanded to address issues of curriculum development and application.

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