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  1. The Importance of the Teacher's Worldview in Relationship to Student Understanding of the Creation and Evolution Controversy

    Fall 2002 — Pages 79-103

    Research findings demonstrate the direct correlation between a teacher'??s worldview on the controversial subject of evolutionary Darwinism versus creation, how he/she teaches the subject, and its influence on students'?? beliefs. The results of studies among high school and college students across the country are presented. The writers cite some encouraging trends-?more teachers sampled in the National Science Teachers Association believe in creation than in evolution, and the majority of high school students who were exposed to creation science in school went on to teach creation when they became teachers. The article challenges Christian college faculty to teach the biblical doctrine of creation as well as to train teachers in presenting creation to this generation. It also calls upon college administrators to hire young earth creationist teachers and to promote integration of a creationist worldview into every discipline within their college or university. The article states that since evolution and creation are irreconcilable worldviews, teachers must not attempt to reach a compromise by synthesizing these beliefs in their teaching.

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