Candles in the Darkness

From: Volume 1, Issue 2: Spring 2004 Pages 159-176


Nearly five years ago Dr.James Michael Lee invited several Christian educators to contribute to a volume he entitled Forging a Better Religious Education in the Third Millennium (2000, Religious Education Press). He requested that the authors write as veterans in the field, offering their own projections of strengths, weaknesses, and needs, consciously avoiding formal documentation. Dr. Kenneth Gangel contributed a chapter on evangelical Christian education to that publication. A revised version of that chapter is included here with the publisher’s permission. Dr. Gangel states: “My objective is to offer an apologetic and overview of what our discipline can be in this new millennium.” This forward look seems a fitting way to end our twopart series on evangelical Christian education leaders of the 20th century.May it stimulate your thinking about the work that lies ahead.



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