Educational Reforms of Wittenberg and their Faithfulness to Martin Luther's Thought

From: Volume 10, Issue 1: Spring 2013, Technological Innovation & Educational Ministry Pages 71-87


Early Lutheran educational reforms carried out the educational vision of Martin Luther and were consistent with his thought. Humanistic concerns deeply influenced Melanchthon’s educational reforms in lands allied with Wittenberg. Melanchthon’s humanism was faithful to Luther’s thought. Luther, like Melanchthon, reconciled Northern Renaissance Humanism and his evangelical theology. Luther’s and Melanchthon’s humanism was consistent with their theology insofar as they worked from a framework that distinguished between two kinds of righteousness. Melanchthon and Luther could uphold humanistic commitments as long as they did not encroach upon the doctrine of justification.
Keywords: Humanism, Luther, Lutheran, Melanchthon, education



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