Transformational Teaching Insights from Neuroscience

From: Volume 10, Issue 2: Fall 2013, Transformational Teaching and Learning Pages 407-423


The current intellectual and social interest in neuroscience invites Christian educators to engage this complex and sometimes disparate field for the sake of transformative teaching and learning. Recognizing that neuroscientists differ over the nature of transformation—as educators differ on a definition of transformative learning—should not detract from neuroscience’s contribution to transformative teaching within Christian education. This article contributes to the conversation by charting a “neuro-logical” approach to resources for transformative teaching and learning. The article maps the field of transformative learning, provides neuroscience insights that support transformative teaching through cognitive, emotional and social domains of neuroscience, and discusses approaches to neuroscience that explain the very processes of transformation within Christian education.

Key Words: neuroscience, transformational teaching, transformative learning, Christian Education



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