Series 3

Volume 11, Issue 2

Fall 2014, Historical Movements and Models

Special focus issues also contain articles of general interest to the field of Christian education.

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Articles in this Issue

  1. Editorial: Learning from Our Elders

    By Dr. Kevin E Lawson — Pages 239-243

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  2. Nurturing the Infant Soul: The Importance of Community and Memories in the Spiritual Formation of Young Children

    By Dr. Shirley K. Morgenthaler and Mimi L. Larson and Jeffrey B. Keiser — Pages 244-258

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  3. Harnessing the Power of Narrative: Literacy and Orality in Christian Education

    By Jennifer Jagerson — Pages 259-275

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  4. SPCE Report of the Core Curriculum Task Force: Expanded Executive Summary

    By Dr. James C Wilhoit and Dr. Kevin E Lawson — Pages 276-293

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  5. Guest Editorial: "History Matters": Reflections on Studying the History of Christian Education

    By Dr. David P Setran — Pages 294-299

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  6. Schools for the Lord's Service: The Rule of St. Benedict for Christian Camping

    By Craig Miller — Pages 300-317

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  7. More than Silent Preaching: Didactic use of Wall Painting in the Middle Ages

    By Dr. Kevin E Lawson — Pages 318-335

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  8. The Spanish Reformation and Christian Teaching: Timeless Educational Principles from Antonio del Corro and Constantino Ponce de la Fuente

    By Dr. Octavio Esqueda — Pages 336-349

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  9. Igniting the "Family Sacrifice": Cotton Mather and Familial Christian Education in Puritan New England

    By Dr. David P Setran — Pages 350-366

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  10. The Role of Obedience in Child Faith Formation: Insights from the Teachings and Practices of John Wesley

    By Dr. Colleen R. Derr — Pages 367-382

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  11. Francis E. Clark: Founder of Christian Endeavor

    By Dr. Jason Lanker — Pages 383-391

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  12. "Are Ye Able?" The Methodist Youth Department, Racial Justice, and Church Reform in Mid-Twentieth Century America

    By Dr. Thomas E. Bergler — Pages 392-413

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  13. Resources for Understanding and Teaching the History of Christian Education

    By Dr. Kevin E Lawson and Dr. David P Setran — Pages 414-420

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  14. Notes: Teaching Both Who and Whose We Are: Honoring Individuality and Connection

    By Dr. Robert W Pazmino — Pages 421-428

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  15. Book Reviews

    By Dr. Jane Carr — Pages 429-475

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