Series 3

Volume 14, Issue 1

Spring 2017, Ministry with Today's Diverse Families

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Articles in this Issue

  1. Editorial: "The Weakened Concept of 'Family'"

    By Dr. Kevin E Lawson — Pages 3-6

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  2. A Theology of Accommodation as a Resource for Integrating Youth and Children into Intergenerational Church

    By Gareth Crispin — Pages 7-22

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  3. Effective Ways of Using Social Media: An Investigation of Christian Churches in South Australia

    By Audrey Lim — Pages 23-41

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  4. Strengthening Ministry Teams: Facilitating Unity and Cohesiveness

    By Dr. Keith R. Krispin, Jr — Pages 42-51

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  5. In Their Own Words: Describing the Assimilation Experiences of New Converts

    By Philip Attebery — Pages 52-68

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  6. Making a Case for Forgiveness as a Major Goal of Christian Education With Implications for Christian Educators

    By Dr. Jichan J. Kim — Pages 69-81

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  7. Guest Editorial: Ministry with Today's Diverse Families

    By Dr. Colleen R. Derr — Pages 82-84

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  8. O Father, Where Art Thou?

    By Dr. Chris Kiesling — Pages 85-98

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  9. Fatherlessness: Implications for God's Word, Church, and World

    By Gregory E. Lamb — Pages 99-108

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  10. The Role of Grandparents in Shaping Faith Formation of Grandchildren: A Case Study

    By Matthew Donald Deprez — Pages 109-127

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  11. Intercessory Prayer Across Generations: A Case Study

    By Christina Embree — Pages 128-143

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  12. Book Review Essay: When the Church was a Family, and The Ancient Church as Family, by Joe Hellerman

    By Dr. Stephen Kemp — Pages 144-154

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  13. Annotated Bibliography: Resources on Family Ministry

    By Dr. Colleen R. Derr — Pages 155-159

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  14. NOTES: Discoveries made while Reconnecting God's Story to Scripture and Service

    By Tom A Steffen — Pages 160-183

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  15. Book Reviews

    By Dr. Jane Carr — Pages 184-235

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