The 4D-R Method of Imagining the Future, Part I: Implications for Vocational Discipleship

From: Volume 14, Issue 2: Fall 2017, Equipping Church Members for Ministry Pages 405-420


Commonly prescribed vocational discipleship strategies have been devoid of teaching methods specifically designed for engaging the imagination. To fill this methodological gap, the author developed the 4D-R method for imagining the future and conducted a qualitative study to understand adult evangelical Christians’ experience of the method. The findings indicate that the 4D-R method for imagining the future could be a useful strategy for vocational discipleship, particularly in the area of vocational discernment. The findings further suggest a relationship between common vocational discipleship strategies and the 4D-R method for imagining the future.

Key Words: vocation; discipleship; qualitative research; teaching – methods



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