Teaching Bible for Transformation

From: Volume 4, Issue 2: Fall 2007, Children's Spirituality Pages 293-307


The fact that the Bible transforms lives, or rather, the engagement with scripture transforms lives, begs the question: How? This article addresses this question by first considering two prior questions: For whom was the Bible written? Why was the Bible written? How we answer these two questions will influence what we believe about, and therefore how we teach the Bible for transformation.

To the first question, I suggest the Bible was written for an elect community, the people of God and therefore how it transforms will have something to do with that community, more particularly, where we teach the Bible. To the second question, I suggest that the Bible was written to make God known. Most of the rest of the article addresses what this means and how we can teach in ways where
God is known in loving, experiential and obedient relationships. Therefore, the article concludes, not with a method for teaching, but with suggestions for teaching to encounter the Living God.



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