Series 2

Volume 7NS, Issue 1

Spring 2003

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Articles in this Issue

  1. Intergenerational Corporate Worship as a Significant Educational Activity

    By Dr. Allan G Harkness — Pages 5-22

    Corporate worship is examined for its educational significance in the setting of Christian faith communities, and it is demonstrated that such events are well-situated to contribute to the fulfillment of the goal of education in this context as individual and corporate edification towards holistic Christian maturity. Most local churches have opportunity to ensure that the corporate worship events comprise an intergenerational element, and when this is done there is significant potential to enhance the educational impact on participants personally and the church as an entity.

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  2. The Servant Leader

    By Dr. Gordon L Coulter — Pages 23-46

    The well-rehearsed idea of the servant leader is explored from a biblical framework, seeking to determine if it is actually possible to meld the two values of servant and leader into one person. The examples of Peter, Paul, Jesus, and David provide examples of how these two constructs can be expressed. The role of education as an integrating context is explored, with a well communicated vision as the central issue. Specific suggestions for building a team vision as a servant leader are offered.

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  3. A Look at the Effects of Extrinsic Motivation on the Internalization of Biblical Truth

    By Dr. Scottie May — Pages 47-66

    Bible memorization is a hallmark of many of the educational programs of evangelical churches. But the motive for memorizing Scripture for many is extrinsic. The effects of extrinsic motivation are explored through research literature and biblical reflection, along with some very telling anecdotal information. Studies on rote learning and uses of extrinsic motivation are examined, but the value of Bible memorization is retained. Suggestions for responsible approaches for encouraging Bible memorization are offered.

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  4. A Map for Ministry: Constructing a Philosophy and Strategy of Ministry

    By Dr. Phillip W Sell — Pages 67-86

    The philosophy and strategy of a particular ministry is the primary distinguishing factor between one ministry and another. This article proposes some suggestions and a modified model for developing a philosophy and strategy for one's ministry, whether a church or para-church organization.

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  5. Reclaiming Augustine for Modern Christian Education

    By Dr. John McNeill — Pages 87-98

    The influence of Augustine on the theology of all of the mainstreams of the Western church is clear. Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Reformed, and Anglicans have all been influenced by his theology. But Augustine was also the first to think systematically about the integration of theology with educational practice and theory. An overview of Augustine's life provides the backdrop for an analysis of his thinking regarding education and the church.

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  6. Generativity and Regeneration in Bushnellian Theology

    By Rukia Draw — Pages 99-116

    How will the church pass on the faith to the next generation? Horace Bushnell (1802-1876) was highly influential with his then (1842) controversial assertion that the children of believing parents should grow up as Christians, and not have to go through a technical experience of conversion. The theological construct of regeneration and the psychological construct of generativity are defined and explored to find common points in the theology and thinking of Horace Bushnell. After rooting the discussion in the writings of Bushnell, Finney, Erikson, and Kotre, implications for parents and teachers are presented.

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  7. Book Reviews

    By — Pages 117-128

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