Toward Intergenerational Ministry in a Post-Christian Era

From: Volume 8, Issue 2: Fall 2011, Ministry with Emerging Generations Pages 364-378


This article addresses intergenerational fragmentation within the church’s teaching ministry which undermines the unity and purpose of the body of Christ. This phenomenon is the consequence of an overreliance on the social sciences which, combined with a preference for formal education models, fuels fragmentation between generations. Drawing on the Christian tradition’s rich history and theology, this article describes and assesses the philosophical and pedagogical underpinnings of generational fragmentation; explores biblically and theologically how generations ought to be integrated with the teaching ministry; and suggests ways of cultivating an ethos that embodies the church’s commitments.
KEY WORDS: Christian Education, Teaching Ministries, Educational Ministries, Developmentalism, Practical Theology, Intergenerational Fragmentation, Postmodernism, Biblical Theology, Globalism, Congregations, Ministry



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