Resources for Responsive Christian Education Practices in a Post-Christian World

From: Volume 8, Issue 2: Fall 2011, Ministry with Emerging Generations Pages 406-409


Thinking through Christian education in a post-Christian world involves a broad approach that looks outward at society and culture, understanding
the dynamics of a world that is “smaller” and more complex than ever, and viewing the dominant world and life view of our day, postmodernism, through discerning yet not reactionary eyes. This approach also peers inward at the church, recognizing the global nature of Christ’s body and thoughtfully tackling how society may be influencing her instead of the other way around. It may also involve looking backward, seeing where we have come from as a society and as a church, and identifying patterns that may be repeating themselves, as well as looking forward by being mindful of the current trajectory of our culture and this latest generation. All these things are viewed in the light of God through theology. With this in mind, here are a number of resources that help with this multifaceted approach.



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