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From: Volume 8, Issue 2: Fall 2011, Ministry with Emerging Generations Pages 418-482


In this section 18 books are reviewed, presented in the following general order: children/family ministry, youth ministry, adult ministry, foundations, teaching-learning process, spirituality/ spiritual formation, and leadership/administration—although reviews may not appear for each area. A list of each area and responsible editors appears after the last review in this section. We invite readers to consider reviewing a book for CEJ. Guidelines are available in downloadable documents at under Publications Policy on the drop down menu.

Seeing children, seeing God: A practical theology of children and poverty. By Pamela D. Couture. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press. 2000.
Review by Lisa Milligan Long, Christian Education, Lee University, Cleveland, TN.

The children of divorce. By Andrew Root. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker. 2010.
Review by Scott Floyd, Psychology and Counseling, B.H. Carroll Theological Institute, Arlington, TX.

Spiritual parenting: An awakening for today’s families. By Michelle Anthony. Colorado Springs, CO: David C. Cook. 2010.
Review by Bob R. Bayles, Discipleship and Christian Formation, Lee University, Cleveland, TN.

Baby boomers and beyond: Tapping the ministry talents and passions of adults over 50. By Amy Hanson. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. 2010.
Review by Scott W. Jones, Christian Ministry, Bryan College, Dayton, TN.

Recovering the real lost gospel: Reclaiming the gospel as good news. By Darrell L. Bock. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group. 2010.
Review by Mariana Hwang, Children and Family Ministry and Educational Leadership and Discipleship, Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, IL.

Ministry is . . . how to serve Jesus with passion and confidence. By Dave Earley and Ben Gutierrez. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group. 2010.
Review by Stephen K. McCord, Global Research, International Mission Board, SBC, Richmond, VA.

Conflict and resolution: Progressive educators and the question of religion. By Jared R. Stallones. Edited by Karen L. Riley. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 2010.
Review by Tony Higgins, Division of Religion and Philosophy, Brewton-Parker College, Mount Vernon, GA.

Created to learn: A Christian teacher’s introduction to educational psychology. 2nd ed. By William R. Yount. Nashville, TN: Broadman and Holman Academic. 2010.
Review by Dawn R. Morton, Christian Formation, Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, OH.

The passionate intellect: Christian faith and the discipleship of the mind. By Alistair McGrath. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. 2010.
Review by Mark Eckel, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Professor of Old Testament, Crossroads Bible College, Indianapolis, IN.

Teaching that transforms: Facilitating life change through adult Bible teaching. By Rick Melick and Shera Melick. Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing. 2010.
Review by Richard A. Holt, Teaching Elder, First Baptist Church of Downey, Downey, CA.

Spiritual formation: Following the movements of the Spirit. Henri J. M. Nouwen, Rebecca Laird, and Michael Christensen. New York, NY: HarperCollins. 2010.
Review by Beverly Johnson-Miller, Christian Discipleship, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY.

Christian formation: Integrating theology and human development. Edited by James Estep and Jonathan Kim. Nashville, TN: Broadman and Holman Academic. 2010.
Review by Ben Espinoza, MA student, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, KY.

Taught by God: Teaching and spiritual formation. By Karen Marie Yust and E. Byron Anderson. St. Louis, MO: Chalice Press. 2006.
By Linden D. McLaughlin, Christian Education Department, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX.

Ancient-future worship: Proclaiming and enacting God’s narrative. By Robert E. Webber. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. 2008. 191 pp.
Review by Timothy J. Ralston, Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX.

Diversity’s promise for higher education: Making it work. By Daryl G. Smith. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. 2009.
Review by Beatriz González, candidate, PhD in Educational Studies, Biola University, La Mirada, CA.

Wellbeing: The five essential elements. By Tom Rath and Jim Harter. New York: Gallup Press. 2010.
Review by Cesar Morales, MTh, Academic Dean, Evangelical Seminary of Lima, Peru.

Getting naked: A business fable about shedding the three fears that sabotage client loyalty. By Patrick Lencioni. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. 2010.
Review by Dave Keehn, Christian Ministries, Biola University, La Mirada, CA.

Lead or leave: A primer for college presidents and board members. By Roger H. Hull. Lanham, MD: Hamilton Books. 2010.
Review by Paul Wright, Rector, Instituto Bíblico Evangélico, Mendoza, República Argentina.



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