The Most Important Characteristic of an Effective Teacher

From: Volume II, Issue 1: Fall 1981 Pages 51-55


Prospective student teachers indicated that love and patience are, in their opinions, the two most important factors of an effective teacher. "Being Christian" was listed, along with approximately 60 other factors, but none of these were considered nearly as important as the first two. When the individual factors were grouped into clusters of traits, the "Caring' cluster was considered far more important than any other. "Knowledge" was considered relatively unimportant, ranking eighth out of the nine clusters. The implications of this information seem to suggest that what a teacher is is the most important characteristic of an effective teacher, followed closely by what a teacher does. Very far behind in importance is what a teacher knows. On this basis, those who attempt to equip young people to become effective teaches should be most concerned about the personality of these students.



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