Your Task-What Is It?

From: Volume III, Issue 2: Spring 1983 Pages 46-60


This article gives essential information on areas that need to be considered by the Christian educator when confronted with his task. For the "task-holder," the emphasis should be on understanding. This is where the task begins. It is important, in understanding one's role, to consider those with whom he works and their expectations. As one evaluates church staff relations and their functions, he can better see where his task fits in the ministry. Foundational to one's task is his philosophy of Christian education. As one establishes his philosophy, he can set better goals and objectives, make better evaluations, and choose more appropriate curriculum material and resources. It is also essential to consider seriously one's job description in order to grasp the whole perspective of ministry. Relationships must be defined, benefits and essentials established and expectations and responsibilities designated. This will then make it easier to determine one's scope of authority in which areas of accountability and control are established. Understanding the task is not complete, however, unless one understands the importance of a job well done and of the needed review and evaluation afterward. Evaluation is essential for growth and progress, both for the individual and for the whole.



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