The Emerging Shape of Adult Christian Education

From: Volume IV, Issue 1: Fall 1983 Pages 67-73


Christian education directors, teachers, and curriculum developers who deal with adult ministries will need to be alert to the forces that will bend the shape of adult Christian education. Some of these are social, such as the growing number of adults and the increased percentage of older adults, a phenomena termed the "graying of America." This graying of America might eventuate in the maturing of America if church leaders are aware of the opportunities in adult Christian education. Rapid change and pluralism are two other social changes dealt with in this article. The shape of adult Christian education will also be molded around what we have learned about the adult learner. Most determinative are the findings that adults are self-directed in their learning, are performance oriented, diverse, and are in the process of developing. Implications drawn from these will help church leaders get things in shape for future adult ministries.



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