Volume 10

Volume 10
  1. cover Issue 2, Fall 2017 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. Reflections on Ten Years of Publication
    2. The Call and Task of this Journal*
    3. Living Through a Decade of Fluidity: The Future of ‘Soul Care’
    4. Perceiving the Cultural Sea that is Our Home—Spiritual Formation and Western 21st Century Culture
    5. African American Spirituality: Through Another Lens
    6. Generation to Generation: Inter-Generationality and Spiritual Formation in Christian Community
    7. Celebration and Renewal: The Nature and Dynamics of Evangelical Spirituality
    8. Contours of Evangelical Spirituality
    9. The Long and Deep Memory of Evangelicalism
    10. Evangelical Spiritual Disciplines: Practices for Knowing God
    11. Contributions to Evangelical Spirituality
    12. A Call for Evangelical Monasticism
    13. Restoring Historic Monasticism? A Counter-Proposal
    14. Roadblocks to Evangelical Monastic Ressourcement
    15. A Good Monastery is Hard to Find: A Decade of Sociological Research on Evangelical Monasticism
    16. Application Essays
    17. Review Essays
  2. cover Issue 1, Spring 2017 Add to Cart $15.00
    1. In Memoriam: Thomas C. Oden (1931-2016)
    2. Remembrance, Recollection, and Other Rs
    3. Reading Scripture Spiritually: Bonaventure, the Quadriga, and Spiritual Formation Today
    4. A Spirituality of Exile: Responding to God's Absence
    5. Positive Outcomes of a Discipleship Process
    6. Taking Theology Home: The Spirituality Formative Experience of Seminary Spouses
    7. Practice Makes Perfect: Corporate Worship and the Formative of Spiritual Virtue
    8. Time is Up and Space is Down
    9. Book Reviews