Reflections on Ten Years of Publication

Volume 10
Issue 2, Fall 2017
Reflections on Ten Years of Publication

For those of us who have been involved with the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from the start, it is hard to believe that this issue
marks our tenth year of publication. That is twenty issues, 105 articles,47 essays, 5 book symposia, 104 book reviews, and approximately 3,000 pages and 1,150,000 words. Of course, it is not the amount of content that we mark in this anniversary issue. It is not even the quality of that content or the impact it has had as important as that is. Instead, we mark the fact that for ten years this journal has served as a portal to gather attention and advance the discussion of the theory and practice of Christian formation and soul care for the sake of God’s people and his kingdom purposes. But publishing a journal is not a lifetime commitment. So, after ten years, we step back and reassess the need for this journal. Is the focus of this journal really needed? Is all the time and effort worthwhile? Would it be good to publish this journal for another ten years?

Dr. Steve L. Porter
133 - 137
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