The Call and Task of this Journal*

Volume 10
Issue 2, Fall 2017
The Call and Task of this Journal*

The Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care serves as an evangelical forum for the theory and practice of Christian spirituality. Its stated
purpose is to provide a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year for advancing the discussion of the theory and practice of Christian formation
and soul care. Embedded in this purpose are both a call and a task. The call of the Journal is to all of us, reader and editor alike, to consider our involvement as learner and contributor to this venture. Every generation of the church faces the unique challenge to understand the process of transformation and cooperate anew with the Spirit in this. Yes, we have much to glean from those believers who have gone before us about life in Christ. But the Spirit of God is a Living God who is doing a work of transformation now in His people: it is about our life in Christ. Thus, each generation must renew its commitment to the challenge of opening afresh to the Word and the Spirit in order to learn, grow and minister to others from this experience. This is not only the task of Christian educators, theologians and pastors. Rather, the call is to whomever the Spirit is leading to reflect deeply upon and open to their life in Christ. For all interested in this Journal, this call will minimally take the form of being a learner, sitting at
Jesus’ feet, reading and listening for spiritual wisdom from one another. However, this call might also take the form of being willing to meaningfully and constructively write this wisdom for the sake of the church.

Dr. John Coe
138 - 140
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