The Long and Deep Memory of Evangelicalism

Volume 10
Issue 2, Fall 2017
The Long and Deep Memory of Evangelicalism

The rise of evangelicalism adds another—and more recent—chapter to the larger story of the history of western Christianity. This story concerns,
at least in part, the great challenge that the church in the West has faced for over a millennium. It can be summed up in one question: how should the church Christianize Christendom?
It is a curiosity that we would even bother to ask the question. Why not be satisfied with the obvious triumph of Christianity and the gradual emergence of Christendom in the West? Isn’t total victory and domination what we want and strive for? If everyone—even society itself—is Christian, what more can and should we expect?

Dr. Gerald L. Sittser
207 - 219
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