Evangelical Spiritual Disciplines: Practices for Knowing God

Volume 10
Issue 2, Fall 2017
Evangelical Spiritual Disciplines: Practices for Knowing God

Evangelicals are not known for their awareness of or appreciation for their own history. Derek Tidball recognizes the effect of this chronological amnesia when he observes “evangelicals have not sufficiently understood their own heritage in spirituality and have been made to feel unnecessarily inferior when brought into contact with those of other traditions.” Likewise, Richard Lovelace has lamented that evangelicals have “mislaid our central heritage” of the new life in Christ and spiritual theology. This often results in evangelicals searching for spiritual practices and wisdom in every tradition but their own since they have never been introduced to the richness of their own spirituality. Many evangelicals, and more broadly Protestants, were unaware of spiritual disciplines until Richard Foster’s groundbreaking publication Celebration of Discipline first released in 1978. While Foster wrote as an evangelical he was recovering the classic spiritual disciplines that have been shaped by 2,000 years of the Christian church. As important as this was there is also both historical and practical value for evangelicals to recognize the rich spiritual treasures within their stream of Christian spirituality. This article seeks to redress this weakness in one limited way by examining the origin of evangelical spiritual disciplines and their development over the past three centuries.

Dr. Tom Schwanda
220 - 236
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