Contributions to Evangelical Spirituality

Volume 10
Issue 2, Fall 2017
Contributions to Evangelical Spirituality

In spring of 2008 I offered a few thoughts on the “call for papers” at the birthing of the Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care (JSFSC). In that article I explored the object, the perspectives, the methods, and the aim of this journal, suggesting that the JSFSC possessed a unique opportunity to advance an interdisciplinary discussion of the spiritual life conducted largely by and for evangelical Christians. At the close of that piece, I suggested that evangelicals have much to gain and much to give from a studied reflection on the lived spiritual life of Christians. More specifically I asserted “that evangelicals have a unique contribution to bring as evangelicals to the study of the Christian spiritual life.”1 Evangelicals have a heritage of sensitivity to the laity that might be shared. Evangelicals particularly our Pentecostal sisters and brothers—have much to bring to spirituality conversation regarding embodiment. Christians of many stripes can learn from evangelical experience in renewal and revival. Although I made these suggestions I did not develop any of them. It was for the journal itself to explore these and other themes.

Dr. Evan B. Howard
237 - 247
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