Roadblocks to Evangelical Monastic Ressourcement

Volume 10
Issue 2, Fall 2017
Roadblocks to Evangelical Monastic Ressourcement

At the risk of speaking with the most gloomy voice at this virtual table, I propose to wrestle for a few more minutes with the final words of Greg Peters’ essay: “What is keeping the Evangelical church from providing its best members with historical forms of Christian monasticism so that they can live their Christian lives to the fullest and fulfill their vocations as men and women called to follow God under the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, that by their prayer and service they may enrich the Church, and by their life and worship glorify God’s name?” Taking this almost plaintive question in hand, I will offer what may be the most appropriate “widow’s mite” a historian of American Evangelicalism can offer: a few observations about the fabric and character of Evangelicalism that make the project of monastic ressourcement both necessary, and extremely difficult.

Dr. Chris Armstrong
272 - 281
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