The Resurrection of Jesus and Spiritual (Trans)Formation

Volume 5
Issue 2, Fall 2012
The Resurrection of Jesus and Spiritual (Trans)Formation

What does Paul envision as the basis for the spiritual (trans)formation of the believer? Several key passages in the Pauline epistles reveal that Paul envisions a vibrant connection between the resurrection of Jesus and the expected character qualities and behaviors of those who are in Christ. In examining this connection between resurrection and Christian maturation, three distinct, though interrelated, emphases may be identified: 1) identification with Jesus in his resurrection, 2) submission to the lordship of Jesus and the expectations of his kingdom, and 3) hope in the future resurrection of those who are “in Christ.” While these form the "ground” for spiritual (trans)formation, Paul further offers a model for applying this resurrection identification in the “here and now” life of the believer.

Anthony C. Thornhill
243 - 256
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