A Trinitarian Spirituality of Mission

Volume 6
Issue 1, Spring 2013
A Trinitarian Spirituality of Mission

The via contemplativa and the via activa have been seen as two parallel tracks in spirituality. The separation is inevitable without a rich Trinitarian anchor. Uniting the Western, substantive view of God and the Eastern, relational view offers the hope of an integrative spirituality: the coming together of Mary and Martha, the active and the contemplative life. The high-priestly prayer of Jesus in the garden offers a similar vision of integration: Intimacy and fruitfulness are possible through a mutual indwelling empowered by the Holy Spirit. We feed on the living bread so that the life of Christ is manifest in the world. At the table hostility becomes hospitality. Missional spirituality is founded on a single movement of Godself into the world: mission as the self-unfolding of contemplation.

Leonard E. Hjalmarson
93 - 108
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